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Complex Data Integrations

Complex Data Integrations

The power of data is absolute but in an ever-changing environment it must be updated and studied continually to the get the most out of it.  It is the one aspect of a business that takes a while to set-up but the rewards are the gift that keeps on giving.  BuzzTech has learned to build learning and data collection into an intelligent design that can decode online behavior which sets you up for future success.


BuzzTech has extensive data integration experience.  Specializing in the automotive realm, this has taken the form of SEMA ACES/PIES, SEMA AAIA (legacy to ACES), RMA (tires), and Polk data management.  In addition, we have seen and implemented a myriad of custom automotive and other motive data into desktop, mobile and back-office applications.


SEMA ACES/PIES Integrations

Tire Data

Social Media Aggregations

Web Services