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Client Testimonials

Monarch Products, Inc.

Brad’s multi-platform knowledge has allowed us to efficiently integrate a deeply rooted WMS with newer web-based systems, allowing us to remain dynamic in a rapidly changing marketplace - without the cost and headache of changing computer systems. In any project, it’s inevitable that problems will be encountered at some point during the creation, dev or implementation phases. Buzztech maintains a team with a diverse skillset to provide solutions for all initiatives. In the rare instance that additional resources are needed, Buzztech has outside expert consultants at the ready. Though Buzztech’s services would be beneficial across all industries, it’s a breath of fresh air to work with a team concentrated on the automotive marketplace. This specialized experience and knowledge allows for a smooth, enjoyable partnership, and reduces the frustration that may come from collaborating with a team that doesn’t understand the complicated needs within the automotive industry.

- N. Swanson

Space Services, Inc.

We’ve worked with Buzztech and it’s principals for more than a decade. We’ve found them available, responsive, and professional, and their work exacting. We’ve gone from start up through our growth stages and Buzztech has met each challenge. Companies seeking consultancy or early stage support for complex projects can rely on Buzztech to help conceptualize and implement them successfully. Buzztech has the team to take on full projects or to work with in house staff to complete tasks in a timely and cost effective manner. Its role remains essential in several current and future projects.

- L. Enache

Southern Audio Services, Inc

Working with a small salon type office like what Brad offers enabled us to be more nimble in our project execution as there were no departmental bureaucracies to overcome to implement inevitable project changes. Brad's diverse knowledge and experience with the different hosting platforms and programming tools and languages enabled us to quickly make project decisions and resolve unforeseen issues in a timely manner. I think any small to mid-sized consumer product business seeking to create or improve their eCommerce experience and presence would benefit from working with Brad given his background, experience, knowledge, and efficient use of the current available technologies.

- J. Jordan